Sustainable & Environmental Policy


We continually try to reduce the impact that our business has on the local and wider environment, reducing our footprint and supporting sustainable practices. 


We reduce our impact on the environment in the following ways:We prepare all of our menu items from scratch and in-house to reduce on-site packaging, transport and waste materials.We use exclusively locally roasted coffee from PS Coffee Roasters, Naas


All our used cooking oil is collected and recycled to make biodiesel fuel


We separating and recycle all waste as possible.


Being aware and continually assessing the environmental impact of our operations.


Aiming to include environmental and ethical considerations in investment decisions where we can.


Actively training employees in good environmental practice.


We have committed to install filter & carbonated water system to eliminate packing and food-miles for still & sparkling water.


We have completely phased out plastic straws to use compostable straws 


We request packaged beer & cider in recyclable cans whenever we can over glass bottles.


We provide secure storage for staff bicycles to encourage cycling to and from work.

We moved our energy supply to a 100% renewable power company.


Our menu only utilises produce when in season locally to avoid long haul transport.


We operate a paperless office, using automation for employee payslips, communication notices & online bookings.


Giving A Little Back


We sponsor the local GAA Team in supporting their teams & volunteers in raising the awareness of the importance of sport in the community & working together.


We are investigating the potential with other local stakeholders to install an industrial food compostor, which the compost can then be used for local community projects.


We are committed to sponsoring a Green Kilometre along the Grand Canal where we conduct staff litter cleanups, hedge cutting & general care of the walkway for the local community.

In Aug 2021, we signed up to the ’50 Shade Greener Programme‘ & with our onsite Green Team we have set ourselves the following targets for the next 12 months



Reduce our Electricity Usage by 25% Sept 2022

Reduce our Natural Gas Usage by 25% Sept 2022

Install Solar Panels to reduce our dependency on electricity from the grid Feb 2022

Install all LED Lighting on the premises & light sensors in back of house areas



Install Rainwater Harvesting  for the use in our toilet flushing system  Jan 2022

Reduce our Water Usage by 15% Sept 2022

Manage water flow for cisterns & toilets via a controlled & monitored flow sensor Jan 2022



Aim for 80% Recycling Waste, 20% General Waste Jan 2022

Reduce our Glass Waste by 25% Apr 2022

Reduce Food Waste per cover to 250g

Source more food from local suppliers & liasing with them in reducing their packaging or demand sustainable packaging

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